Best Online ACT Prep Classes for Guaranteed Results

Best Online ACT Prep Classes for Guaranteed Results

The ACT is a stressful test, and preparing for it is essential. So, we've compiled the five best online ACT prep courses (free and paid) to improve your scores.

Shahar Link
December 29, 2022

The ACT exam is a very common requirement in most college application processes, so if a young student is planning on attending college or university, then chances are they have already started thinking about preparing for it.

Standardized tests can be scary for high schoolers who have to face them for the first time. They can feel very different from the tests they have taken before and cause unnecessary stress. Mindspire can help young students overcome their test anxiety and show up to their exams feeling prepared and confident, with an online ACT prep course tailored to their needs. 

Tutoring is a great tool for young students’ academic success, and it’s now more convenient than ever given how easily it can be done online. Because we believe in the importance of making an informed decision, we have prepared a list of the best online ACT prep classes to be on the lookout for.

And if you still haven’t decided between the ACT and SAT, this article can help!

The 5 Best Online ACT Prep Courses 

1. Mindspire

Mindspire is one of the best ACT prep courses you can find.  While it does offer in-person ACT test prep as well, its online ACT prep course is just as spectacular. 

Students are guided through an evaluation process at first, either taking practice tests offered by Mindspire or uploading their results on standardized tests they’ve taken in the past. Based on their starting level and their personal needs and studying style, the student is then paired with a tutor that best matches them, and they can begin a complete ACT online prep course.

Not only is the tutor picked specifically to fit the student, but the curriculum and pace of the course are also tailored based on needs and progress. The entire process of this online ACT prep course is built to complement the student and help them succeed. Additionally, Mindspire offers a money-back guarantee that students will raise their score significantly.

2. ACT 

The nonprofit company known as ACT is in charge of developing and delivering the ACT exam. Additionally, a range of other exams and test prep services are provided, including complete ACT online prep. You can be sure the material offered is pertinent and practical because the company's course was developed by the same experts who prepared the official ACT test – it’s quite easy to see why this would be one of the best online ACT prep options.

You can use questions from previous ACT tests as practice material in the ACT Online Prep course. Additionally, the course offers comprehensive practice tests. To help you continuously study the topics and abilities you need to work on, content is tailored with daily goals and reminders. The course includes a mobile app that allows you to study from your smartphone or desktop while taking on challenges and games, which makes it simple to stay motivated. 

While this course is extremely attractive for those who want to get information directly from the people who make the ACT exam questions, it does have a downside – it’s not suited for students who benefit from real interaction with teachers and tutors. The learning process is highly automated.

3. Magoosh

Magoosh guarantees that students can improve their ACT score by at least 4 points by using its exclusive study resources for just 20 minutes a day – and thanks to its success rate in making this claim a reality, it’s one of the best online ACT prep options. 

Magoosh's programs are designed to be easily accessible, whether learning on a laptop or a phone. They offer brief lessons and tasks that promote learning while on the go. Additionally, they can check the written and visual answers to each question and get a customized study timetable.

Magoosh is one of the best ACT prep courses for students who like to prepare in smaller doses over a longer period of time, because it grants students access to their extensive library of ACT prep tools for a full year. Magoosh is best suited for students who are self-motivated, autonomous learners even though personal tutor support is offered.

4. Peterson’s

Everyone can get ACT assistance from Peterson's ACT Prep Online Course at any time, anywhere. With its adaptable learning platform, you may go through the material at your own pace. You can learn on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop because this complete ACT online prep course is intended for both mobile and desktop platforms. 

Depending on when you intend to take the test, you can select a short, medium, or long path. Games, lengthy practice tests, quizzes, and interactive courses are all part of the course material.

This is another course best suited for those who don’t require the help of tutoring lessons with a real tutor guiding them through the process. It motivates those who would rather have flexibility and learn through games, rather than those looking for a rigorous one-on-one online ACT prep course.

5. Testive

Testive employs both technology and live coaches to help students get the results they want on standardized exams. The preparation offered by the company is centered on working closely with a tutor and receiving content that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

These ACT test prep courses put a strong emphasis on calming your nerves and preparing you for the ACT. Additionally, Testive offers free software use if you feel ready to work without a tutor and offers specific content to suit those with learning difficulties.

Unlike Magoosh, ACT and Peterson’s, this is one of the best ACT prep courses for those students who value one-on-one coaching and the guidance of an actual tutor, just like Mindspire.

Guarantee Success In The College Admissions Process

Giving your children access to the best online ACT prep classes can make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection letter from their dream university. A good education is priceless, which is why it should be placed in the right hands.

Mindspire has a team of great tutors and a tailored tutoring package for each student’s needs, in order to ensure their success and raise their ACT scores significantly. If you want to find out more and begin tutoring sooner rather than later, contact us, and let’s discuss what’s best for your child!

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