SAT & ACT Mock Tests

The Right Practice is Essential to Success on Test Day

You can master material by working with a tutor, but it isn’t enough to know the material – you must be able to apply it under pressure. Taking a mock test enables the student to practice the mental endurance required for peak performance. That’s why mock testing is such an integral part of test preparation.

If you are the parent of a new or prospective student, please click the “Schedule a Mock Test” button and complete the form at the bottom of the page to request a mock test.

Taking mock tests gives students the opportunity to accustom themselves to a real test-taking environment with a proctor, a time limit, and a real test. Mindspire offers students a chance to take mock tests with a follow-up score report to all students.

ACT or SAT – the Right Test is Crucial

Sometimes deciding between the SAT and ACT is easy – most of the time it isn’t. Ensuring that you focus on the test that’s best for you can make all the difference when it comes to college admissions. If you aren’t sure which test you should be focusing on, we can help you make the right decision with our free mock tests and complimentary score reports.

After your student takes both a full mock SAT and ACT, we will compare the score reports to determine which test is best. If you purchase an SAT or ACT Test Prep package, your student will continue to receive unlimited mock tests for free to track his or her progress.

Example of our feedback:
Sample Score Report

Want to take a mock test on your own?

If you want to complete the baseline tests totally on your own you can use our ScoreItNow system. It will provide a video proctor, an officially released SAT and ACT, and a detailed score report for each test. Just click here and follow the instructions.


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