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What Our Students and Parents Say


Working with Mindspire was a great experience. Cristy, my daughter’s tutor, was fantastic! My daughter took the ACT a few times and hit a wall. Frustration soon followed and her goal of achieving a high test score seemed to become a longshot. Enter Mindspire and Cristy. I purchased 24 hours of tutoring, and to my amazement, my daughter raised her score four points after just 10 hours of tutoring. The result… My daughter has been accepted into her dream school of UNC-Chapel Hill. Cristy did a great job of encouraging my daughter and teacher her crucial test taking skills and that made all the difference. My son is a freshman in HS and he will be working with Mindspire in the near future.

Chris D.

Mindspire™ made a dramatic difference in both our sons’ ACT scores.

Brad Carlson

I want thank the Mindspire™ staff for the help that you gave to our daughter. Jade received her early acceptance to Carleton College this week, a school that required submitting test scores, and a school that she would not have been able to attend without raising her test scores. I have been telling people all over the triangle to contact you.

Jan Ogilvie

Ken’s sessions proved to be extremely valuable to Mike, who appreciated Ken’s intellect and coaching, and valued him as a person as well as a teacher. Mike’s scores greatly increased.. We were so pleased and highly recommend Mindspire™ (and Ken in particular) to Mike’s peers. We thank you all!

Sandy Pupi

I have referred several dozen students to your services. Not every single one of them signed on but, of the many who did, I received glowing reports and excellent results. Thank you for providing a stellar service.

Dawn Blanchard

Love the email & testing updates set to my 15-year-old! I feel like we are in good hands. Came highly recommended!

Lisa Sykes

I wanted to let you know that I was admitted into Harvard. I’m convinced that without your help I would not have been able to achieve such a feat, as you helped me raise my ACT score by a significant margin. I took the ACT again in September and was able to raise it to a 33 ( E-33 M-35 R-30 S-34). Thank you for tutoring me and helping me achieve such an accomplishment.

Sam Fernandez

Juliette had always been a great student but standardized testing was never her strength. Working with you moved her score from an 1800 up to 2120 and yesterday she heard from U-Penn, her first choice, that she was accepted early! I can say for sure it would not have happened without your help and support so thank you very much for that.

David M.

Julianna was so sweet, knowledgeable, and thorough! I definitely recommend!

Moira W.

My daughter has improved her scores after the private tutoring sessions.

Nitin Bhanap

Julianna has been awesome! She makes it fun and has been incredibly helpful.

Cindy Pacchiana

Mindspire™ has a fantastic process and immensely helped our son with a program that dramatically improved his test scores and at the same time did not stress him. Highly recomend them!!!!

Ben F.

Ryan is WONDERFUL! I hope the referrals are coming in from us. I strongly feel your tutors and program ARE the best anywhere! AND as you know, we have tried plenty! The kids feel they would have been going to Harvard had we met your group in 1st grade!

Christa McElveen

We were very pleased with our experience. The mock ACT and complimentary first session helped us to ascertain which test would be better for our son.

Laine H.

Shahar has done an amazing job with our son who is a student at Ravenscroft. Shahar really knows how to connect with his students. I have to say my son didn’t even mind studying for the ACT and SAT with Shahar which says a lot in itself. I highly recommend him.

Susan K.

The practice tests, the analysis, everything was super effective. I went into that test ready. While we were waiting around to go into the room, people were unsure about the timing. They didn’t know which sections came first. I immediately told them the accurate information, and they were pretty impressed.

Jackson W.

Hi, Ken. I excited to let you know I got 35 on my Act as my composite score. 35 in English, 36 in Math, 31 in Reading, and 36 in Science. I just what to thank you in all the help you gave me. It is clear that you helped me so much in my English and Reading scores. Overall the tutoring experience has been really enjoyable and showed me that hard work does really payoff.

Michael F.

Through testing, Mindspire™ identifies weak areas and caters tutoring specific to your child’s weak areas. Chrissy was a fantastic tutor for my daughter: patient, creative and thoughtful. With the strategies she taught in place, my daughter brought her ACT score up 4 points to a 35 composite!

Annie Z.

Mindspire™ Test Prep transformed my study habits and work approach as a student. Not only did my SAT scores in high school rise dramatically, but so did my confidence on all other academic challenges. I am currently enrolled in an LSAT prep class with Mindspire™ as well; I cannot recommend this company enough to anyone who is seeking academic support or test prep!

Grace L.

Shahar and his team are top notch professionals. He has worked with both of my teens raising their ACT and SAT scores substantially. The rapport he built with each of them, as well as the prompt and thorough responsiveness to any questions me or my boys had, has made the experience well worth the investment!

Jen W.

This is an amazing company who truly looks out for your kids interests and needs. Our daughter did really well on her ACT due to Shahar and his team…special thanks to all of them!!

Neeraj S.

I just wanted to let you know Katherine had a 7 point improvement on the ACT. Not only that, but she made a 35 on Reading and a 36 on Science! Thanks to Chrissy for all her help.

Rani W.

We have been so happy with the people and instruction offered by Mindspire™. The tutors are kind, good-natured, and patient, and it’s always a good sign when a teenager looks forward to going to SAT prep class. My daughter’s confidence in her testing ability has really increased, and her scores have made significant leaps.

Laura F.

Shahar and his team are rockstars! If your child needs to add points to their test scores don’t waste time thinking about it, just get out your credit card and pay these guys whatever they ask from you- it will be the best money you ever spend on your kid! Working with Shahar via Skype, my son added 4 points to his ACT in just 5 weeks of prep and my son is not the easiest kid to work with. From the beginning, Shahar actually told us that due to the limited time frame that we should only expect an additional 3 points- he underpromised and over-delivered. Cannot say enough good things about this operation.

Josh S.

Mindspire™ was great to work with and we had fabulous results for our teenager in less than two months. I wish we had started earlier.

Chris N.

I want to thank Juliana and Mindspire™ for helping my son achieve an excellent SAT score and get into his first choice of colleges early decision. Juliana’s guidance, patience, sensitivity, and cheerleading helped him gain the confidence he needed to conquer his testing anxieties. Many kudos to you and Mindspire™.

Marvea F.

Mindspire™ has been amazing to work with for ACT prep. Outstanding tutors and excellent service. Could not ask for better.

Penny G.

Shahar and Chrissy were great to work with – very helpful, knowledgeable and thorough! With their help, my daughter was able to raise her ACT composite score by 6 points! I highly recommend working with this team!

Karen I.

Awesome tutoring company!!! I had an amazing experience with the test prep service. Would recommend to anyone!

Enoch K.

I interviewed New York firms before I happily went with Mindspire™. Mindinspire ACT and SAT prep was transformative for my son. The tutors reviewed the content and skills that he needed to raise his scores, which in turn helped him improve his grades. Mindspire’s™ test prep carries over into academics. And- the tutors are kid-friendly and students love them!

Catherine F.

I had used tutors before in another state with my older children (without a lot of results) for SAT/ACT so was unsure what to expect from a Mindspire™. Thankfully my friend gave me one of the best tips ever! My daughter was assessed and based on her first ACT score was placed with the appropriate tutor (Shahar) and she had amazing results! She scored higher than her “target” score and is now applying to Notre Dame, Duke, BC, UNC and 7 other top tier schools. She is also currently taking 4 AP’s and Calculus. Math has always been her kryponite. So we reached out to Mindspire™ once again and they found the perfect tutor for her…Mr. Zipple. She makes an appt for the day before a test and has gone from a C+ to an A- already. It gives her a great sense of confidence going into the tests. Mindspire™ is a well organized group of personable, academic professionals. The appointments are never canceled and the billing is emailed with an easy link. Lastly they offer students FREE mock tests for ACT/SAT almost daily throughout the summer if you use their services. I highly recommend them!

Teresa M.

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