The 5 Best SAT Tutoring Programs

The 5 Best SAT Tutoring Programs

Getting a good score on the SAT can make or break your college prospects. Here are the five best complete SAT tutoring programs you can access now, both free and paid

Shahar Link
December 29, 2022

The SAT score is still an important variable in the college admissions process and will continue to be for a long time. For this reason, it’s imperative to ensure that your children are prepared to ace this exam. Most students who now attend highly-ranked colleges have had in-person or online SAT tutoring to guide them through their studying. 

Mindspire has many years of tutoring and test prep in its background, building a history of student success stories. Whether you are located in one of the 4 cities we have offices in, or you want to connect with our SAT tutors online, we guarantee the results will be worth it. 

We have compiled a list of the 5 best SAT tutoring programs to be on the lookout for in 2023, to help you make an informed decision about the best SAT prep course for your student’s education:

The Best SAT Tutoring Programs of 2023

There are a lot of courses out there meant to raise SAT scores, and therefore it can be hard to decide on one. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best SAT tutoring programs to keep an eye on if your child wants to start their SAT prep in 2023! 

1. Mindspire

Mindspire offers everything a student needs by their side to prep for exams and the college admissions process. There are numerous tutoring packages available, depending on the level and needs of each student. 

Getting started with Mindspire is easy. All a student has to do is take a baseline test or submit the results of the SAT practice tests they have taken previously. Based on their mock SAT scores, and other factors such as their grade level and the time they are willing to put into studying, Mindspire offers different tutoring packages or tutoring by the hour for those who don’t want a package at all.

Throughout the test prep, students will have access to all the materials they need, a custom-made curriculum, practice tests to monitor their process, and the continuous support of an SAT tutor.

Each student is paired with a tutor that best matches their learning profile, to make the learning process even better for them. And, if that isn’t impressive on its own, Mindspire also has a money-back guarantee if significant score improvement isn’t achieved. 

2. The Princeton Review

With a variety of live programs available both online and in person, a self-paced course, intensives, and personal tutoring services—all created over the course of 40 years in the college prep industry—The Princeton Review has something to offer almost every type of test-taker. 

The Princeton Review provides a Summer Camp that condenses the content taught in the "Essentials" course into a 14-day program for students who desire serious SAT prep. In contrast, the SAT "Self-Paced" course offers students a year of access to hundreds of courses, thousands of practice questions, and over 15 practice tests, allowing them to study at their own pace.

No matter which plan you select, it will come with in-depth lectures, practice tests, supplemental materials like SAT prep books and ACT prep materials, and discounts for additional add-ons like on-demand tutoring.

3. Kaplan

One of the oldest SAT prep businesses in the industry is Kaplan. The Live Online program from Kaplan stands out for its flexibility, content, and instructor engagement, despite the fact that the company offers SAT prep in a variety of forms, including a self-paced on-demand program, private tutoring, and in-person seminars.

Students in Kaplan's live online SAT prep course receive 18 hours of live coaching in addition to an extra 15 hours of optional sessions. Students can start preparing whenever they are ready because live online classes are offered throughout the school year.

However, Kaplan does not grant Live Online students extended access to any preparatory materials, in contrast to other online SAT prep courses. Students can use the program just up until the following scheduled SAT date.

4. Khan Academy 

For two reasons, Khan Academy differentiates itself from other SAT prep courses. It is the College Board's official free SAT prep software, and it helps students prepare for the exam for free. Making an account on Khan Academy's website is all that is necessary to access their SAT preparation tools. 

After that, students receive immediate and continuous access to a variety of materials, including official sample tests, instructional videos, practice problems, and feedback.

Like many test prep programs, Khan Academy begins with a diagnostic evaluation before creating a unique study schedule for each user. You can integrate your SAT score into your Khan Academy profile if you've already taken the test thanks to Khan Academy's partnership with the College Board.

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding Khan Academy is that it is an entirely self-guided curriculum, making it ideal for determined learners who like to study alone. There is no instructor engagement or one-on-one tutoring available on the platform, despite the Help Center and Support Community being present. 

Although each student receives a unique study schedule, the classes themselves are generic, which may not make is the best SAT prep course for everyone. For certain kids, Khan Academy's method might not be effective.

5. PrepScholar

The flagship curriculum of one of the best SAT tutoring courses, PrepScholar, begins with a diagnostic evaluation that enables the SAT prep program to customize instruction to meet students where they are. In order to adjust future SAT prep courses to the students' growing skills, PrepScholar also analyzes questions and test replies as students advance through the program. 

The platform’s comprehensive lesson plans, which include video and text courses, practice questions and quizzes, and answer reviews, assist remote students in learning.

There are almost too many lessons and questions to finish due to the sheer amount of content PrepScholar gives in the "Complete SAT Online Prep" curriculum. The exercises could be beneficial for pupils who study for numerous months. A self-paced program, however, can be more beneficial for people with limited time.

The Academic Journey to Success Starts Now

For a successful college admissions process, it’s important to give your teenager the necessary resources to understand and learn at their own pace. The best SAT tutoring program will do exactly that!

Mindspire gives students the opportunity to raise their SAT scores through custom curriculums, mock tests, all the necessary materials, and a tutor to guide them through the entire process. It’s the best SAT prep course for those who are determined to ace their standardized tests.

If you want to learn more about our tutoring packages and decide which one is the best for your child, contact us and let’s figure it out together!

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