SSAT and ISEE Prep

The SSAT and ISEE can make all the difference when applying to competitive high school programs. For many students, the SSAT and ISEE mark their first encounter with high-stakes exams that can have lasting effects on their academic careers. Still further, many students are unaccustomed to being challenged in the ways that the SSAT and ISEE will challenge them.  Our tutors have the test-taking, teaching, and communication skills to help any student achieve their potential, learning critical test-taking and academic skills along the way. We source the highest-quality practice materials and use each student’s mock test to create a custom plan that targets their needs.

Every program begins with a free mock test, score report with analysis, and consultation with a test prep specialist. To learn more or to sign up for tutoring, call us at 919-335-8378.

Cost for ISEE and SSAT tutoring is $140/hour.

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