Mindfuless Classes for Teens

To Reduce Stress and Improve Concentration and Focus

We are pleased to provide Mindfulness Meditation classes for teenagers who are interested in learning the most evidence-based technique for improving their concentration and focus, as well as overall stress reduction.

Our class will be taught by Shahar Link, founder of Mindspire™ Test Prep and a meditator for over 20 years. He has taught mindfulness meditation in several contexts and has spent about 1 month of his life on extended meditation retreats.

Shahar will teach basic concentration techniques of mindfulness that help students notice when their mind is wandering and how to gently come back into focus.

Hundreds of studies have shown that meditating for a few minutes a day has numerous health benefits, and can also improve performance in stressful situations such as tests.

This course is free for any student who is already signed up for a tutoring package with us. For non-Mindspire™ students, the course is $100 for the 4 sessions.

The schedule for our first class will be:

All Thursdays in April: 5, 12, 19, 26
From 7pm to 8pm
Location: Durham office — 3622 Lyckan Pkwy, Suite 5002, Durham

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